There’s a thing father where men who thought they were giants their entire lives actually see one for the first time. It shows them their true worth. It shows them their faith.

This quote from Hickman’s East of West sums up the books nicely. The world and its leaders have no idea who they are going up against. 

East of West is wrote by superstar writer and marvel mega star Johnathon Hickaman and drawn by Nick Dragotta. 

The story is simple. The apocalypse is near and we are in trouble. The setting seems to be a futuristic world set in a western science fiction hybrid. The horsemen are looking for their fourth who is death. Death is a badass who is breaking all the rules to find the woman who conqured death itself and stole his heart.  She is the dughter of Mao the Iv a desendant of the great dictator Mao. 

Hickman scores again with a brutal deptiotion of the apocalypse. Dragotta’s art is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. 

East of West is one of the best new series I have read lately. Hickman is a fantaistic writer and you should check out anything he writes. 

Volume two of East ofWest is out check it out !



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