There is a new sheriff  in Riverdale and his deputy is phenomenal artist Fiona Staples fresh off her Saga art. 

They take on the unbelievable task of rebooting one of America’s greatest and most icocnic titles in all of comicbooks. Archie is the king of Riverdale, that is until now. He is going through a breakup with the love of his life, Betty. How will he deal with this new chapter in his life? 

The writing by MArk Waid is just great. The humor reminds me of a John Hughes flick from the late eighties. The art by superstar Fiona Staples is also out of this world as you would expect fi you had checked out her workj on BRian K. Vaughn’s hit book Saga. 

Also included is a reprint of the first ever Archie comic from 1941 as a bonus. 



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