I have just recently dove into the world of The Walking Dead’s creator Robert Kirkman’s love letter to suoer heroes that is Invincible. I kept hearing from fellow comic readers that I had to read Invincible. I couldnt undersatnd why. So I finally decided to dive in and buy the issues. Not being a fan of trade paper backs I wanted to buy the issues but I quickly discoved that they would be too expesnive so I p=bought the Invincible compendiums volume one and two. I am only around twenty four issues in but wow. The book is amazing. I love how Kirkman makes fun of while embracing the comic book tropes of the past.  They even hhave a whole team that pokes fun at the justice league



the main story is of a boy names Mark Grayson, whos father is basically Superman. Upon turning 17 he discovers that he too has super powers. Invincible reminds me of Ultimate Spiderman by Bendis quite a bit. Its funnny while being serious at the same time and a nice departure to Kirkman;s other book The Walking Dead. Deffintiy check it out and wait for my next review for the second halfof Invincible compendium Pt.2



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  1. Invincible is one of my favorite comics. Thumbs up on covering the compendiums.

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