Comics are an odd medium. They can tell tell narratives of all sorts. No matter how odd or crazy the story may be. Comics today have recently been growing crazier and crazier especially the more indie comic book companies such as Dark horse,Image , and Boom. Here are a few i saw recently that caught my eye.

  First is Archie V.S Sharknado. This will be be releasing tocoincide with the release witht the third Sharknado film in July.

Second odd comic is one I found rather cool and will be looking foward to. This is Klaus. Klaus is from Grant Morrison.  Morrison will try to tell the orgin story of good old St. NIck. The story will be a gory and raw telling of the patron St. of girfts and Christmas. 


Third is one I suspect will be cool but it is still an odd choice. Alien V.S Vampierlla

  The fourth and final odd comic I have noticed lately is Lesbian zombies from outter space. WTF. This is the oddest comic I have heard about in a long time. WHo knows it may be a fun book maybe even one that will get you all hot and bothered for some lesbian zombies!



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