Hi my name is Justin and im addicted to comic books and other nerdy hobbies. This is a small guide to how to start collecting comics, Comic collecting can be a great and excited hobby to have. Comics are an easy and fun item to collect. They offer plenty in the way of entertainment. Comics can be tough to start collecting but it is no hard task either. I am going to try to lay down a rough idea of where to start with your new obsession.

Step one- Buy comics. This sounds simple enough, except you must choose which books you want to read. I suggest to not become overwhelmed with the hundreds of books offered at your local comic provider, but to choose a few characters you like and pick up the books that look the most interesting to you.


 Step 2 Budget- Set a reasonable budget for your new collection. Comics come out every Wednesday so a budget is an essential part of your new weekly collection. This will help you save money and pick which books you actually want. Not having a budget can get you in trouble. 


 Step 3- Protection- You will need to buy a comic bags and boards to protect your new treasures. Bags and boards will protect your books for years to come. These are relativly cheap and well worth the investment. Next is storage. While buying your bags and boards you can pick up a comic storage box for anywhere betweem five to ten dollars a piece. These are essential to your comic book’s health and their value. NOw to choose rather you want a long or short box. One is just simply twice the size as the other. 

Step 4- Enjoy your books.

The most important step to starting a comic collection is to simply enjoy your books. Read your books and have fun with it. This is the main point of comic collecting is the stories and characters taht live withen the books we buy each week. 




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