Throne of Glass was one of the first books I listened to on audio book, through the Audible service. I bought the book for 5.00 on a Black Friday sale. Thank god it was only five dollars. The book is recommended  to fans of George R.R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire and Susan Collin’s The Hunger Games is not anywhere near either, in substance or skill.  Sarah j. Maas’s fantasy love story is more Twilight than Game of Thrones. The story of Celaena Sardothien the most feared and deadly assassin of her region. She is sentenced to a life of hard labor in  Endovier , a salt mine known for how brutal it is. She is approached by a prince who is willing to trade her freedom for her to serve his father as his personal assassin. This does not come without price. Celanena must win a contest against other assassins,thiefs, and soldiers all vying for the same coveted prize. The story has many holes and flaws. The author seems to lack the same skill as many of her contemporaries in the fantasy genre possess. The novel felt much more like a romance story with the furniture of a fantasy genre. She gives us so little to work with when it comes to the background and setting. What do we know about anything in Calaena’s past except she is an assassin of great measure. She talks about past missions and just dismiss them as fast as they are brought up. Magic systems are spoke about but never fulfilled I could just not enjoy this world and story. I gave Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass a 5/10. The lack of substance is what killed me. I will not be reading her other three books in the story.

throne of glass


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  1. KaleverA says:

    Happy New Year Buddy !!! I hope 2015 is a great year for you.

  2. I would agree with your statements about this book. However, book two gets much better both in the writing style and plot wise! You can borrow mine if you want, or get it from the library! 🙂

    • prontron says:

      I liked the idea of the book. She just left so much out that I wanted to know. I know it being a series, they tend to do this but I needed more hahaha

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