The Heroes Joe Abercrombie

“War,war never changes” This sums up Joe Abercrombie’s Heroes perfectly. The story is set within the First Law trilogy’s world. The Heroes takes place over only a few days. It covers the exploits of Black Dow in the north and his war with the union. It tells the tale of two sides bitter war. It shows what war really is. War is not much more than politics and killing for not much other than a few old men’s ways.

I simply loved this book. I listened to the audio book , but it was great. Joe Abercrombie described as the Tarantino of fantasy does not disappoint. He blends dialog and conversation with battle and intense warfare. He uses amazing metaphors for everything from war to men being “ugly as incest”. His characters were the best part. He has upwards of 20 named characters who are contributors in the story. His men and woman are real people and not the typical Tolkienesque characters we typically get with fantasy fiction. One of my favorite parts of Abercrombie’s fiction is his portrayal of woman. They are strong and ruthless.

His characters are unforgettable and his fiction is the same. He reminds me of George R.R Martin. I may like his fiction better. Anyone who likes gritty realistic fantasy should definitely check out the Heroes of any of Joe Abercrombie’s works. I give it a rare 5/5. I will be reading the rest of the series and quite possibly doing a re read of the Heroes.


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  1. One of my favorite fantasy books of ALL TIME! Great pick.

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