Good Omens is a clever and witty novel about a demon, named Crowley. He was the demon who was the snake in Eden who tempted Eve.The other an angel named Aziraphale who was the gatekeeper of Eden. They have both been on Earth since 4004 b.c. they have grown accustomed to life on earth and do not want it to end anytime soon. They discover that the anti Christ will be born. They think fast and have to stop him from growing up to be evil, hence stopping the Apocalypse. The boy is swapped at birth and another boy is put in place but shows no signs of powers manifesting. They run into a cast of people from The Metatron to other demons and angels.

Gaiman’s wit and superb imagination shine as does Pratchett’s odd ball humor. I loved the parts with Crowley and Aziraphale. Their interactions with each other are priceless. Kevin smith actually took inspiration for Dogma from Good Omens. There are some dry spots in the text, but at less than 400 pages a few small parts are nothing to complain. I did enjoy all dogma and religious background of the story. Gaiman really did his research on this book. I think any fan of any super natural shows, books, or movies should be a huge fan of Good Omens. I give it 4/5 stars. Check it out today

Good Omens!


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  1. SarahClare says:

    I’ve got this book in a pretty pretty hardback.. I can’t wait to read it! Even more so after reading your post 🙂

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