Audible is having a great cyber Monday and Tuesday sale. Over 400 titles for under 5.00 american!

I had been interested in audio books for sometime now. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get on the craze.Normally Audible offers a free one month trial, but they were offering three months at 15 dollars instead so I jumped on the offer.

How Audible works is that each month you have one credit for any book no matter the price form .50 cents to 50 dollars! I went with Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes for my first selection. I love Abercrombie’s style. He mixes modern lingo and attitudes with classical fantasy tropes. his characters have a moral ambiguity to them that I love. No one is good or evil.

The Heroes Joe Abercrombie

Nest two are two books that were on sale for the cyber sale.

First Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass. Secondly I picked a classic, I have unfortunately never read, A Canticle For lebowitz

A canticlethrone of glass


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