The Maze Runner by James Dashner is the book of the month for our monthly book club. It is set in a post apocalyptic settin from what we know. Not much is known of the world just yet. The Maze Runner is first in a four book series. It was first published in October of 2009.

The story is pretty simple to start off with. A boy with no memory of his past or the present honestly, shows up in an unknown land. He finds himself surrounded by other young boys, between the ages of 12-19. The boys name is Thomas and we find out that he is now in the Glade. The Glade is an odd place where these boys live an almost Lord of the Flies type existence, surviving off each other. They do have care packages sent to them , with supplies such as food and water, from the Creators. We are not to sure who or what the creators are just yet. Thomas finds out there is a enormous maze at the center of the Glade. some of the kids who are in the Glade are called runners. The runners run miles upon miles daily and navigate an ever changing maze. They must map out the changes in the wall shifts. Thomas realizes he may have been here before but how ? He soon finds out the new world he lives in is not so nice. He finds out that there are terrible metallic beasts who live in the maze who come out at night to feed. These are the grievers. They sting boys and then shortly after the boys must go through the changing. This is a horrific process in which they are hooked up to beds to hopefully survive the night and most go crazy after the process.

The book was actually pretty awesome. I read it in no time, maybe two or three days. The Maze Runner is only 378 pages long, so not exactly. The book is under the young adult category that a lot of sci fi and fantasy are using for any book with a young protagonist these days. The Maze Runner has enjoyable characters and an awesome setting in the Glade. I really liked the lingo the characters talk in. Calling each  other klunk heads and such. I think any young adult fan or dystopian future fan should check out the first book. There is even a movie that was adapted recently. It should be out any day now on dvd, depending when you are reading this of course.

Our podcast over the book should be out the first week or so of December. So check it out and check ou tour last podcast for October’s book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.



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