I finally finished the story mode on Destiny, Bungie’s newest IP and I loved it. The story is severely lacking in substance but makes up for it at times with it’s amazing gameplay and PVP.

The missions are rather dull at times, go find this area, kill this many of this creature, and survive x waves of enemies. I assure you though the gameplay is incredibly addictive and insanely fun. I could not put the game down at times. You start on modern day Earth and gradually progress to the moon,Venus, and mars.
The game is fairly easy to play by yourself, even on hard difficulty. It is however much more enjoyable with a few other buddies to mess up some intergalactic foes.
The crucible or the PVP area of Destiny is a whole different story. This is your death match,capture zones, and free for all matches. This games are fun but annoying at low levels. The gear is much better for higher level guardians even with the level scaling you still receive your bonus from weapons and gear. I hated this area at times and even loved it. Best to go around level ten and higher.

My favorite part of the game is the stroke playlist. This reminds me of instances of world of warcraft, one of my all time favorite games, so I was pumped to see so many similarities. You and a group of friends or match made buddies can go and do random strikes of various difficulty to earn, px light, or gear. This is great since the bosses and massive waves of enemies are my favorite part of the game.

Over all Destiny is a great game. I give it a 8/10 since the story is lacking almost any substance at all. The gameplay is so great though and the multiplayer aspects are almost flawless. Go pick up your copy and have a friend do the same. Join me and my buds on Xbox One to play sometime. My gamer tag is prontron.




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