mr penumbra

Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour library by author Robin Sloan, is an odd little jewel. The 24 hour library is a fun read although it is rather short. The length somewhat hinders some of the concepts and grandiose plot points.

The book was pretty great for the first half, but the second half is too much too fast. At only 304 pages it is hardly a long read. It combines parts of fantasy,science fiction, and mystery. Mr. penumbra’s 24 Hour Library is a neat read since it mixes modern technology such as e-readers,the internet, and computers with the traditional paper bound books. People who tend to enjoy paper books sometimes look down on the e-reader crowd.

Penumbra starts out with Clay Jannon, a out of work computer programmer looking for work when he stumbles upon Mr. penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore. This is a quirky bookstore with almost no bestsellers or recent authors.he starts working the over night shift.

As time goes by Clay realizes that there are not many customers and the ones the store does attract are extremely odd. They check out books rather than buy them. the books they check out are part of a wayback list as Clay calls it. He thinks they are part of some sort of book club or have some deal with Penumbra but he couldn’t be more wrong.

When posed with the question of who these people are and why they are checking out these odd volumes of obscure literature. he and his computer savoy friends who work at Google and  devise plans to find out penumbra’s secrets.

Over all I enjoined the book.  Robin Sloan has amazing ideas. The book was just too short and did not explain enough for me.






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