I am new to the whole, WHovian way of things. I recently started Doctor Who. Doctor Who is somewhat of a phenomenon. Who watchers are some of the most adamant and die hard fans of anything, show or anything like it, I have seen.


I decided to start with the newer run of the series that starts in 2005 and with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor in Russel Davies BBC continuum of the beloved series.


I have tried to watch Who before and hated it. I have always been intrigued by the mythos and the love of the show by the fans. So I caved I started  it and have watched all 13 episodes of season  so far, I am really enjoying the Doctor and his adventures with his companions.

\Highlights- Rose Tyler, played by Bille Piper. she is a 19 year old Brit who gets sucked into the world of the Doctor and time travel. She is fun,emotional, and come on guys I wouldn’t mind going out for some fish and chips with her haha.


The Doctor- He is awesome, Christopher Eccleston does an awesome job at being funny and serious at the same time.




The lore- the back story and history of the show is so rich with over 30 years of crazy stories the show can refer back to leaves so many ideas for new episodes

who 50

The Doctor’s Relationship with Rose- This is one of my favorite parts.


Cons- the campy effects and monsters. they look so bad at times it is hard to watch. From what i Understand some fans like this, it is somewhat a throwback to the old shows.


Some filler episodes. there are plenty of filler episodes which can get old at times.

Over all 7/10 so far. I am enjoying the show and plan on finishing the newer shows if they hold up.

the last episode is awesome. Teh Doctor finally faces off against his greatest foe and it is emotional as ever. I cannot wait to watch the next season.


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