Amazing from the shots,acting,and all film techniques all constants from the all mighty  Joel and Ethan Coen brothers.Starring Francis McDorand,William H. Macy, and Steve Buscemi. released in 1996 Fargo is still a powerhouse among the dark comedy genre.


William H. Macy is Jerry Lundegaard , a cars salesman in dire need if some cash. He hires a hit man,Steve Bucemi, who plans on kidnapping Macy’s wife for 80,000 ransom and split it with Steve Buscemi . Bucemi brings along a wild card friend who starts offing people left and right.


Jerry has a development plan for houses and needs 750,000 dollars for it and bring this to his father in law. upon denial he sates that the ransom is a million dollars.


Bucemi kidnaps Jerry’s wife and kills and officer on the way back along with two innocent bystanders. this starts off the big part of the film.


Francis McDormand is Marge, a odd ball local cop who is pregnant and hell bent on discovering the murderers.Thing starts going airy and the situation gets more crazy as it goes on.


The people in town and the cops are some of the best parts. They say things like “oh yeah”, and “Oh Jeeze”. These sayings are hilarious. The towns provide just as much hilarity as do the locals, with the brainard the hometown of Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox.


Fargo is another Coen classic. The cast really shines as they portray unforgettable characters and some of the best of all the Coen brother’s movies.


The Mvp is Francis McDormant. Her Marge is the best part. She is so funny. Her sayings and odd behavior really sets the tone for the whole movie.

Picture 9

The OMG moment- The wood chipper. Watch for details


Overall I give Fargo a 8/10. One of my favorite Coen brother’s movies. Everyone needs to see this. If you are a film buff put it on your list to watch and go rent it.


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