The Amazing Spider man 2 sequel to the reboot franchise that tries to better addresses some of the problems with Sam Rami and Toby McGuire’s original trilogy.


The Amazing Spiderman 2 starts off with spidey web slinging around Ney York when he runs into none other than Paul Giamatti as The Rhino, except he is a regular guy driving a truck,. This is the first problem with the film. Giamatti and Spidey fight throughout the streets of the city and spidey ends up saving the plutonium from the Rhino. All the while peter is late for his and Gwen’s high school graduation where she is giving her valedictorian speech. Peter is still haunted from Captain Stacy’s death from the first film and complicates his relation ship with gwen ending it prematurely.


Flash forward a few years Peter is selling photos for Jonah J Jameson and web slinging as normal. Gwen is working at Oscorp and Harry Osborn has just lost Norman Osborn his father. This starts off the Green goblin story line and i really did not like it that much. harry was odd,weird, and definitely no William Defoe.


The main baddie for the movie is Electro. he starts of as Max lame and un noticed Oscorp employee who is saved by Spiderman during the rhino part and obsesses over Spider man everyday. He is forced to work late on his birthday and falls into a electric eel tank and transforms into Electro. He has powers such as shock, Jedi lightning and


I did not enjoy this sequel. Much of the film felt incredible hokey and lame. I could not take Jamie Fox seriously  as Electro. He was so goofy and had terrible dialog. he reminded me very much of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin.


The film as a whole just was a letdown. The parts with Peter as Spider man were great. The fight scenes, the jokes, and Andrew Garfield were all high points, but the rest of the story were so goofy and bland it hindered the whole movie for me. Emma Stone is actually pretty good as Gwen as well.


My Mvp is Andrew Garfield without him as Spiderman the film would fall apart.


My OMG moment is that ending we were all expecting.



Overall I give the Amazing Spiderman a 5/10. I would’nt recommend it unless you are a die hard spidey fan.



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