I finally have finished moving and started unpacking, my new house. We have internet and Hulu again that means Community Season Two is now finished


This season the guys and gals at Greendale are back at school and have even crazier adventures than the first season.

Season two starts off with  the group picking a new class and it is Anthropology 101 with Betty White as their teacher and she is as crazy as ever. She ends up kicked out of class and the school. She is replaced by the always funny John Oliver who is trying to be sober this year ha. Oh and by the way chang is a student now.

white community

Season two is crammed with great episodes. A few of my favorites are 

Episode 5- Abed makes a religious film as Jesus and gains a cult like following.

abed jesus

Episode 6- A Halloween Episode is finally on Community. The students are infected with some sort of plauge and turned into the living dead during the dance.


Episode  7- The mean girls come to greendale. Hilary Duff leads a group of bitchy popular girls who put down Britta ,Shirley, and Annie. The girls get Abed to insult the girls but create a monster in the process.


Episode 11- To go with the Halloween episode Community pairs it with a Christmas episode all in claymation. Abed goes crazy and is convinced everyone is made of clay and in stop motion. HE is forced to go on a Christmas consoling  adventure the likes of frost and Rudolph with John Oliver.


Episode 14- One of my two favorite episodes is Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. the group plays D and D with Fat Neil to try and improve his confidence. The group by doing this helps Neil but gains an enemy of prolific proportions in a pissed off Pierce Hawthorn,  Plus Chang as a dark elf.




Episode 19 is my other favorite episode of season two. It is Critical Film Studies. jeff and the crew throw Abed a awesome Pulp Fiction themed birthday party at a diner Britta works at. The whole group dresses up like characters from the movie. Oh yeah Pulp Fiction just so happens to be a certain blogger’s favorite movie.


The season finale is a two part episode named after the Clint Eastwood Spaghetti western A Fistfull of Dollars. It is A Fistfull of Paint balls and For a Few Paintballs More. Paintball returns to Greendale in the annual paintball fight to end the year. This guest stars Josh Holloway,sawyer from Lost,as the Black Rider.


josh halloway

All in all this season exceeded my expectations from the first episode and that was pretty high.

I give Community season two a 8/10. With few dull episodes this season was great. With cameos from Jeff’s old boss Drew Carey,a racist grounds keeper played by Matt Walsh,Patton Oswald,Martin Star,Paul F. Tomkins, and Malcom Jamal Warner all guest star as well.

My Mvp is actually a co MVP. Troy and Abed are my MVP’s. They have the best relationship together. 

troy and abed

My OMG moment is when the group was all dressed as the Pulp Fiction cast. Pierce as the gimp is priceless.



Oh yeah and Annie’s Boobs

alison-brie-bouncesjust Kidding






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  1. Mark Stanley says:

    Thanks for the review, I was on the fence about watching this one, but you put me over the edge. I will probably watch the whole thing is one sitting now. I know that’s not right it’s just how it seems to go.

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