Midnight Movie reviews are exactly what they sound like, Movies I watch late at night while grubbing down on some pizza and Diet Coke. These are mostly movies that are not fit to be watched in the light of day, either from the crudeness or the terrible movie itself. 

I will be watching great classics to B-rated beauty’s.

The first of these late night movie reviews is one of my all time favorites. Mall Rats by Kevin Smith.

mall rats

Mall Rats is part of the connected universe by Kevin Smith with Clerks and Dogma.

Mall Rats is my favorite in the series, It reminds me of me and my friends in high school going to the mall and just dicking around and never buying anything.

Mall Rats is the saga of two young men Brodie played by Jason Lee and TS played by Jeremy London. Both are broken up by the loss of both their girlfriends for lacking the traditional male attitude and being nerds.

ts and brodie

Brodie is a comic book reading, Sega playing geek who spends all his time either on the Sega playing hockey games or reading old comic books in his mothers house. Ts is Brodie’s best friend and has a plan to propose to his girlfriend when he finds out that a girl died on his account and she breaks up with him.

After events transpire the boys go to the local mall and meet fellow mall rats such as Jay and Silent Bob and plan to destroy Ts’s girlfriend Brady’s dad’s TV show. countless pop culture references and comic book discussions make the movie. Mall etiquette is discussed ta length at whether or not the cookie stand is part of the food court or mid mall eatery.The dynamic duo of Ts and Brodie 

j and b

The side characters are great in Mall Rats such as Shannon Dorthy as Brodies girlfriend.

A young Ben Affleck as Shannon Hamilton manager of the fashionable male store in the mall. he is always trying to have sex with girls in the most unconformable place.Even The man himself Stan Lee is in this movie teaching some life lessons to the boys.



I give Mallrats a 7/10. One of my all time favorites of smiths. Some of the most Quotable lines from his whole universe are in this flick.

My MVP is Brodie. He is just brutal when it comes down to it. He tells it how it is and never.

OMG moment is definitely The talk show with Micheal Rooker as the host.We see all kinds of crazy stuff happen.

Definitely check this film out. It is a classic in my book and one of the best KEvin Smith films.



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