Not in recent memory has a film dealt with the issue of slavery in the same way Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave has. An all star cast of ,Michael Fassbendor,Benedict Cumberbatch,Paul Dano,Sara Pualson, and Brad Pitt really carry the film. They all do an exceptional job ,but the real stars are  Chiwetel Ejioforand Micheal Fassbendor. Both actors offer the highest caliber of authenticity in their characters.

ensemle cast

12 Years a Slave tells the saga of Solomon Northup, a free black man from New York in a much divided America in 1841 . Solomon is abducted,sold into slavery and torn away from his life and family in New York. Forced to change his name to Platt and forget his family and life altogether.

northups family

He ends up with Benedict Cumberbatch as his slave owner who is very nice or as nice as a person who owns you could be ,and gives Platt plenty of “freedoms”. This angers his overseer, played by Paul Dano. Dano was one of my favorite characters of the film.. Dano always does a great job, his characters are always top notch.

fassbendor 12 years

Solomon is then sold to Fassbendor’s character Edwin Epps, after upsetting Dano’s character and almost being killed.. Epps is a very strict Christian man, who is hard on his slaves. Best actress winner lupita Nyong’oat the 2014 Oscars is a slave named Patsy,owned by Epps and has some very strong chemistry with Epps and his wife played by Sarah Paulson.

patsy an dwife

12 Years a Slave has it’s parts where it is amazing.

A real surprise is Brad Pitt, who is also the producer of the film, character Bass. Who is Solomon’s figure of wisdom on his katabisis into slavery.

pitt in slave

Overall I give 12 Years a Slave a 7/10.The great cast and acting hold this film together . Without the amazing acting jobs I do not think it would be nearly as good or believable.I recommend this to any fan of good films.

The MVP of 12 Years a Slave is Chiwetel Ejiofor His amazing job playing a slave who is more than just a slave, but a free man, is top notch and horrifying at the same time.


The OMG moment is when patsy  is beat within an inch of her life. it is a realistic and sicking part that keeps the films authenticity and is a truly powerful moment.
in the film.

patsy beat


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