I watched the new 300 flick the other night and i was greatly disappointed. It had all the style of the original Frank Miller and Zack Snyder 300 movie , but none of the substance.This movie is loosley based off the sequel for Frank Miller’s Xerxes


300 this time around is about the boy loving Greeks,joke from the original 300, and not the bad ass Spartans from the original.

300 spartans

The Spartans have just had a taste of defeat that they are not use to having in their mouth, after king Leonidas and his 300 Spartans died at the battle of Thermopylae and now Xerxes is out to conquer the other city states of Greece.

king dead

The Greeks led by Themistocles, the Greek who killed Xerxes dad King Darius, at the battle of Marathon. This starts the origin story for King Xerxes the god king we all love from the first film.

 athens will burn

The movie had way to much slow motion parts. it just became lame after the first 15 minutes of the film. The 3d was also extremely apparent and was so bad watching on a regular non 3d tv.

Pros-300 again.

tons of action,gore,and fight scenes

Cons- No Leonidas lol

No backrubs form Xerxes

No Micheal Fassbendor  


All in all it was an okay movie. Definitely not the sequel we deserved or wanted lol. 

Way too many effects and not enough of what we all loved from the original.

2/5 Not worth your time unless you are a huge 300 fan.


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