Recently I decided to finally watch the new Judge Dredd movie with Carl Urban as Judge Dredd.

dredd 2014


Judge Dredd is a comic book movie at heart.There is an older version of this film starring sly Stallone form the 80’s.

stalone dredd

It was not amazing besides the bad ass action scenes. It actually seemed like a huge rip off of another one of my favorite movies, The Raid Redemption.

the raid

The main plot of the movie is Dredd a judge in a completely messed up dystopioan future is training a new judge who happens to be a mutant who has a sixth sense of sorts.

female judge

Today is not their day, The plot revolves around them going through a complex apartment building called Peach trees that is a multi leveled building that is home to drug dealers, murderers,and civilians alike America has mega cities with millions of residents and the us is not in good shape.


These judges are the final law and the only law. There is a former prostitute turned drug lord named ma-ma played by Lena Headly of Game of Thrones fame. She leads the rebellion against the judges and pedals a type of hallucinogen called slo mo.



This is where the Raid is exactly the same. with that glaring flaw aside Dredd is a fun and action packed blockbuster that is a great watch for a fun movie but nothing else. The story is non existence but that is fine in this action fest. I did not like Carl Urban’s Voice it sounded like Christian Bale’s from the Batman movies.


Overall I give it a 6/10. While an entertaining watch not the best action movie or even best I have watched this week. i say watch if you like the comic or are interested in Judge Dreadd.


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  1. I’ll have to defend Dredd here… Judge Dredd has been around for 40+ years, and this particular plot was from those comics, and not influenced by the Raid.

    I do know the movies are similar, which is unfortunate for Dredd since it was released after the Raid.

    I’ll admit to being biased, I’m a huge fan of Psi-Judge Anderson from the 2000 AD comics where Dredd has his adventures, so having her so strongly featured was exactly what I wanted.

    And I really needed something with Dredd to remove the Stallone Judge Dredd movie as the representative of the always helmed laconic lawman

  2. SarahClare says:

    I thought Lena Headly was awesome in this film and I liked how they kept the armour and stuff the same but made it more.. betterer? Lols. It’s almost like it would have been it they could have back when, you know?

    I liked it a lot! It’s definitely one of my favourite of the ‘reboots’ that are currently knocking around. Total Recall, for example, was atrocious.

    Oh, I really like your blog background by the way. Tres cool!

  3. It’ll take a lot to topple Ol’ Slurmaster (Sly Stallone) in all his B-movie goodness in the first Judge Dredd. I really enjoyed your review: Karl Urban is a good Eomer and can ham it up as a resentful Necromonger, but I don’t see him channelling the pure apathy/batshit needed to be a peer of Stallone in this role.
    Keep those reviews coming, man!


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