This show is freaking awesome. Does that explain my love of this show?

I just started watching it last week and I can not seem to get enough of it.
I feel like it is a much better version of another huge hit show, The Big Bang Theory. I honestly can not watch that show anymore. It appeals to nerds or it is supposed to but, I feel like it is more like making fun of them and giving people outside the culture a lame image of us nerds. On the other hand community seems to get what Bang failed at having. Community is just extremely funny and more down to Earth.
Community is basically about a small group of friends who are brought together by Jeff,Joel McHale, for a spanish study group all the while trying to get with the hot blonde, Britta.


The group is made up of Jeff the group leader, who use to be a lawyer and now must attend a second rate community college to receive his real degree.

Abed, a movie reference freak who can cite any quote,actor, or scene from most movies.

community pierce
Pierce, an older man who just happens to be a millionaire and is played by no other than comedy genius Chevy Chase.

Troy , a local Quarterback attending community college ever since he lost his scholarship from doing a keg flip.

community britta
Britta, an attractive blonde who is the groups reason at times and is a bit of a buzz kill.

comminty annie
Annie is a high school dropout but is 18 years old she is very young and naive.

community shirley

Shirley is a divorced house wife who is attending college to try and rebound from a ailed marriage and mistakes in her early life.

MY favorite characters are Abed,Pierce,and Jeff. Abed is great he reminds me of myself a bit, with his obsessive movie references. Pierces humor is outrageous at times but is extremely funny.
I really love all the pop culture jokes, and the interactions between each group on the show.
One part of community I love is all the side characters and the guest appearances such as Jack Black,John Oliver,and Ken Jeong as senor Chang.


I am so pumped to start season two,three,four, and finish big with season 5.

Hands Down Abed is my favorite character.His frequent movie references remind myself of me and I cant get enough of him.

The OMG moment has to be Senor Chang. He is freaking crazy! He is always doing something outrageous.

community pic


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  1. Community is so awesome, it’s worthy of an expletive. It’s [EXPLETIVE] awesome.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. Super glad you have that pic of Chang from the Paintball episode.

    Man, you have so much hilarity ahead of you.

    If you like Community, you’d enjoy the podcast of Dan Harmon, the show’s creator (the podcast is called Harmontown.) Dan Harmon is kind of a mix of Winger and Abed. He certainly’s good at making the exasperated but inspiring Jeff Winger speeches.

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