I have recently finished the Attack on Titan Tv show for the third time! Needless to say I love it haha.


The series has most of what I love in an anime or a show for that matter. Attack on Titan is mostly a drama, but has horror and extreme action.

eren skel

here is a brief explanation of the show already used in a review of mine



Attack on Titan is a post-apocalyptic take on Earth two thousand years from present day.Earth has been completely overrun by titans, which is a giant species of monster. These titans have no known origin, and no one knows where they came from or why they are here. The manga gives a brief backstory detailing how one hundred years ago the titans popped up and have been here ever since. These monsters destroy everything in their path and eat every human who crosses paths with them. To combat the ever pending threat that is an attack from the monstrosities, the last survivors of humanity have built walls around the city to protect the survivors. Multiple branches of military exist to help fight. The branch, with the most combat readiness, is the survey crops. They use a device called vertical maneuvering equipment; these devices allow the humans to navigate in three dimensional space freely. This is how the survivors defeat the titans. As their only weakness is to make a large incision on the backs of the titan’s necks, they are impervious to most attacks and have a healing factor.

The show revolves more around the main character Eren Yeager and his close knit group of friends and fellow recruits The first season was completely bad ass. The show starts with one of the most intense intros ever to start off an anime. The story gets a little haywire towards the end of the first season, and we really have no idea what is going on. The end fight scenes are just brutal. I cannot express how pumped I am to see the next season. Oh and by the way you have to watch it in its original Japanese language  with the subs. it is so  much more intense.


Thoughts,feelings,favorite characters ? Please comment and let me know !






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