I have been into so many different things here lately. I have been reading multiple books and two or three very choice manga comics.Lately anime has really caught my eye and my interest. Although I have been reading a few novels as well, mostly Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy epic The Storm light Chronicles: Words of Radiance. It is beyond phenomenal. Just as interesting and griping as the first in the series, if not more since i get to revisit the characters I grew to love from the first novel.

words of radiance book

The manga I have been reading lately is an eclectic group of books with the likes of a few heavy hitters and a great classic that everyone should read/watch. Attack on Titan has been my main book I have been reading lately.It is awesome. 


Berserk is another book I am reading. I am on volume seven or eight at the moment and loving every blood and gore filled page.


Akira is the last but definitely not the least of the books I have been reading. It is a modern day classic in the anime community and rightfully so I am really enjoying the book. 


I am trying to read a few more books before classes start back up on the 25th of this month. On my list are Mr penumbra’s 24 hour Bookstore and a few others.

mr penumbra

What is everyone else into lately ? Any recommendations from the nerdosphere ?



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