The Visible Man

Klosterman’s The Visible Man really sneaks up and grabs the reader’s attention right from the start. It grabbed me at the bargain book bin at Barnes and Noble for only a few dollars. It was a great few dollars spent. Klosterman is known for his non-fiction books and his musings on pop culture. His pop culture prowess shines through in this fantastic fiction novel on his.

Chuck Klosterman’s book The Visible Man at its core,is about  a man who can render himself invisible, even though he hates using or hearing himself described as invisible,he can cloak himself and use a suit with goo made of meta materials to hide in plain site. The story revolves around two central characters Victoria Vick a therapist and Y_ the “invisible man”. The unnamed antagonist, if you can call him that, is a very disturbed man who is at first glance is very detached from reality.She gives him the name Y_ for reasons unknown.The book does draw some slight comparisions to H.G Wells The Invisible Man, but has nothing to d with it besides a similar character trait.


Y_ starts seeing Vick for therapy sessions and reveals that he can do aforementioned abilities and has been working in a secret lab in Hawaii to develop the invisible suit. He tells Vick that he breaks into people’s houses and watches them to learn about the true self of people and hos they act alone. He comes off as rude,arrogant,and self absorbed. Y_ is a very intelligent man and it shows that he thinks very highly of himself and at first very lowly of Vick. His sessions include

As her treatment of Y_ continues ,Vick becomes increasingly more and more obsessed with this enigma of a man.

The story of Vick and Y_ is a downward spiral of trust and betrayal. The story Y_ is an unique on that Chuck Klosterman tells so well the story of the Visible Man is more non fiction than fiction even though one could not tell just by reading it. I really enjoyed this book. Klosterman’s writing style is fun to read and extremely smart.

I give Chuck Klosterman’s The Visible Man a 4/5. It was easy and fun to read. The story even has me thinking if someone could be lurking in the corners of my house.


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