Books were huge this week for my swag hull. I picked up so many this week as well at the end of last week, so in many ways this is a bi weekly swag report.
I ended up buying a game for my Xbox One since the only game i own is a digital version of Titan Fall.This bi weekly swag also includes the extremely popular card/board game Crds Against Humanity on Amazon. This game is pretty fun, I assume it is more fun while drinking with a group of friends.

To wrap up this weeks Nerd Swag I picked up a huge cache of books recently all but one I bought from Barnes and Noble’s terrific bargain book section. The list includes The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman,Flatscreen by AdamWilson,Breakfast for Champions by Kurt Vonnegut Jr,The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson, and two Stephen King novels Joy land and The wind through the Keyhole.
I have only read The visible man so far, review pending, and it was great. Can not wait to read the others



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  1. mshlhoward says:

    Cards Against Humanity is always a great investment. The expansions are worth it too.

  2. KaleverA says:

    Nice Haul My Friend:)
    Um, I still don’t see you on Hearthstone lol.

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