Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was nuts to say the least.


The story revolves around a couple Nick and Amy Dunne. They both are writers in their respective fields. Nick is a magazine writer and Amy a personality quiz writer for magazines for the Cosmo type.

Nick and Amy are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary and Amy all of a sudden goes missing.This is the catalyst that

This is the start of an insane journey through a couple’s mind and their relationship that will disturb and haunt you at times.starts this dark thriller. The book rotates between Nick and Amy’s point of view perspective and uses Nicks p.o.v as present day and Amy’s as journal entrees from years before the disappearance.    The more I read the more I disliked both main characters and felt bad for both of them. Their relationship with each other is so terrible. They do things to each other that you would not expect a couple who love each other to do.

The story really gets good once Amy has been missing for a few days. This leads the police to start questioning everyone and start pulling up dirt on all of Amy’s old skeletons in her closet. The further you read the more you learn about Amy and Nick Dunne. You learn how they met,fell in love, and the hardships they share. Nick and Amy could not be more different from each other in any way than they already are. She has been raised wealthy and privileged. Her parents wrote children s books loosely based on Amy’s childhood called Amazing Amy. She is a trust fund kid with no cares in the world. Nick on the other hand is from Carthage, Missouri the same local area as American legend Mark Twain. Nick’s family is just an average blue collar family who scrapes by. Nick worked as a young huck finn at the Mark Twain Park as a child. The further I read in Amy’s side of the story i felt bad for her for the shortcomings of Nick as a husband, missing anniversaries ,dates,and being extremely distant. Nick’s story is that of grief,fear,and the pursuit of innocence. The book gets so far out there that it somewhat lost my interest towards the ending, which is sad because of such a strong start to the novel. The ending is just completely wild. I did not expect what happened in the slightest. I had thought I had the story pegged and I did to some degree , but then yet another twist came around and threw me for a loop.

I definitively recommend reading this in the near future if only for the upcoming feature film coming out in October staring Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne and  Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne.

ben-affleck-300rosemand pike

The film will be directed by David Fincher and I am extremely excited as he is a personal favorite as is Ben Affleck.

Over all the thriller Gone Girl gets a 3/5 for it’s interesting story, yet rough ending and predictable parts.



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