Recently I have started playing Blizzards World of Warcraft card game spin off, Hearthstone. It can be played either on the Ipad or a computer both for free.

This game is insanely fun. I have been playing it daily.



It plays similar to many other Tcg’s(Trading Card Games). If you have played any of the many out there Magic the Gathering,Yu-Gi-Oh, or even Pokemon it will be an easy transition over.

hearth pack


The battle system is again.. is very similar to MTG. It works on a mana crystal system. You get one each turn and creatures are varied between one and even past ten! There are creatures,equipment, and spells.

hearthstone battles


You can play as ten different classes, ranging from a sorcerer to a warrior. Each varying in cards they can use and cards they can not use. My person favorites are the paladin, a mix between warrior and sorcerer, my other favorites are the warrior and the hunter both extremely aggressive classes.I also am leaning toward priest who I just started playing as.

hearth classes

Over all I have to say the game is so fun. It has a very World of Warcraft. With it’s characters and quests from the game . I highly recommend at least trying this out if you love games in general, especially people who enjoy Warcraft or Magic the Gathering.

I give the game a 4/5 while not perfect it is near perfect online card game experience. I play daily so add me is my battlenet add me !

P.s There is even plans for a DLC. Single player dungeon mode . This first expansion is called Curse of Naxaramas. It will cost either gold or cash. You play through the five wings of Naxaramas and earn cards only available in this expansion.

curse of naxramas


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  1. KaleverA says:

    Oh, and I LOVE your title!

  2. SarahClare says:

    Hearthstone is ridiculously addictive! And I do find myself randomly saying things like ‘Jaina vs. Jaina’ while doing other things.

    Some characters are a proper ball ache to beat though- I think Uther winds me up the most..

    Cool post! 😀

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