I have many friends that blog or that do similar things to what we do here at Books, Dragons, and Diet Coke.

Check out these awesome blogs and pages to see more great stuff.

Pretty Much Geek- I help Admin this page. These dudes are awesome and post the most amazing nerd info and geek culture.

Heres the podcast link as well. we put one out every week or so.-


My good pal Brett has an amazing site where he posts all kind of how to guides,pics, and blog entrees that are awesome. Check out his MT. Bike Page

Check out this awesome podcast and radio show the guys and gals(mostly gals) who put this show together for upcoming artists needs some love. check them out


One of my favorite gaming blogs. What’s your tag! Check them out here and give some gaming love.

A bit behind on Books. She does great stuff here. Really fun book reviews and a great blog check her out!





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  1. Meiko Matsuri says:

    Oh wow! I totally wasn’t expecting that recommendation. You’re stupendously splendid! ^_^

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