So we all knew about the big games coming into this years E3 conference,  like 303’s  Halo 5, Bungie’s Destiny,and Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed Unity; but we were surprised by so many quality showings this year that we had no idea were going to be there and a few disappointments that were left out of this year’s show.

Mass Effect 4 teaser( and possibly a new IP from Bioware.)

9-No Last Guardian-I am a bit surprised or am I . This game is looking extremely  doubtful that it will come out anytime soon if ever. Last shown at E3 in 2009 and not much info since besides people coming and going from the studio.

last guardian


8-Platinum Games new IP ScaleBound

Thsi looks amazing. Like Dragons Dogma and DMC put together. I love these action RPG games.

7-Fable Legends Game play! This is still one of my most anticipated games for the Xbox One. I am hoping th ehype is real and the game is as good as it looks.

6-Phantom Dust Xbox Exclusive- A grest remake from the original Xbox is coming out as an exclusive for the Xbox One.

5-Dragon Age Inquisition game play. BY far one of the most impressive showings at this years show. Bioware’s Dragon Age Inqusistion looks so awesome. They are saying it is the largest rpg put out by Bioware.

4-uncharted 4: A Thief’s End- This is the game sony needed for the PS4 and all Sony fan boys were hoping to see.

3-Mirrors Edge 2- I think this looks amazing. I was a huge fan of the original. So this looks even better and I hope it will eventually come to all systems.

2- Dead Island 2! A full fledged sequel is exactly what this amazing game deserved not Dead Island Riptide. I did not enjoy that one nearly as much.

1-and Number 1 is

Star wars BattleFront! Okay this looks so awesome. they are saying more to come in 2015 so lets hope that is a hint at a release date. With the big sale of Star Wars to Disney. We could see a huge upgrade to an amazing game series.

This is an all time favorite game series of mine. I am so happy that a new game will be out

What were your favorite games shown this year at the show. Show some love in the comments section and remember share and game on.



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  1. KayeRavyn says:

    GAH Mass Effect. ❤

    • prontron says:

      A fan ? I love the series. Which is your favorite of the group and who is your fav character if you have one ?

      • KayeRavyn says:

        I have watched them and played a bit- I don’t have an Xbox so I’ll have to go over a friend do if I want to play any of the new games on consoles. 😦 no favorites- I really enjoy story lines with games. For example- I love The Last Of Us’ storyline. I really do hope they continue with the movie

      • prontron says:

        I am the same way I love the story lines in games. I rarely play multiplayer games. I try and play games with great stories.

      • KayeRavyn says:

        There are alot with great stories out there- I just started playing more and more games on PC- I just built one and it should be up and running this weekend. I’m hoping to reap some of the rewards of E3 soon. I missed downloading Battlefield 3 for free last week.

      • prontron says:

        Damn that sucks. Check out Steam and Good Ole Games both sites always have great deals. @What games are you interested in ?

      • KayeRavyn says:

        Yeah I have steam of course- I just haven’t played in a while. Getting back into it now surprisingly and I missed it.
        I play portal 2 and borderlands halo alot of the indie games on steam are awesome as well. I play diablo 3… majorly.

      • prontron says:

        Is Diablo 3 any fun ? I have wanted it for a log time on my Xbox? I love all those games. I have played all Halo is an all time fav.

      • KayeRavyn says:

        I played diablo 3 on xbox at first- and I have to say it is SO much more fun and easier and awesome on pc. Once you play it on pc you will never go back. Trust me.
        I have my 360 still but not the One. Halo is a favorite too of mine lol

      • prontron says:

        I have a Xbox 360 as well and but no One as well add me on live !

      • KayeRavyn says:

        Haha I hardly use it now because I am on steam and pc mostly- going to be finishing my build and sniff converting to the masterrace soon. Lol

      • prontron says:

        lol well if you ever hop on give me a shout and an add.

      • KayeRavyn says:

        Haha I will! I mean I still go on but not nearly as much since it’s in the bedroom. My pc is going to be a beast

      • prontron says:

        Good luck I hope it works out for the best.

      • KayeRavyn says:

        😀 thanks haha

      • prontron says:

        Check out Steam and Good Ole Games, both sites offer amazing deals all the time. What kind of games are you interested in ?

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