So one of my most anticipated games of this generation or the so called “next gen” is a prequel of sorts to the Microsoft exclusive Fable series.

fable wall

This Xbox one exclusive is set 500 years ahead of the first Fable. You and four of your friends will set off in a journey unlike any you have played in a fable game or any other game that i know of .


One friend controls the villain and all the baddies, while the other four friends control heroes who will fight against whatever your friend(or now enemy ) can throw at you guys.

fable legendsogre-cave-rook-shroud-v2jpg-2ea0ab_960wfable legends fight

I can not wait for this game to come out. A beta was announced for this winter!

A trailer was even showed off to get us all ready for this extremely fun looking game.It reminds me a bit of Dungeons and Dragons as the villain friend reminds me of the dungeon master.



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