Recently I ordered a few of Tolkien’s books one was his interpretation and an original poem he wrote if the subject. Sadly he never finished his venture into Arthurian legend. His son Christopher has published and edited what he could and it is amazing. He takes all his dad’s writing and puts them together as well as giving us his and his fathers original commentary on Arthur.

I thoroughly enjoyed the poem. It was everything a Tolkien or Arthur fan could have dreamed of. Tolkien uses his mastery of old English text and really makes Arthur shine. I felt as if I was re reading some of the legends for the first time.

I highly recommend this to any fan of classic lit,Tolkien , or Arthur fans. Honestly just the unfinished poem is worth the read, but I really loved his take on the Arthur legend and his and his sons views on the poem.
A solid 4/5 pick it up.20140602-224548-81948675.jpg


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