i suck at girls

From the author of the hilarious shit my dad says comes another look into his outrageously funny relationship with his father and this time girls.

This short story collection is very similar to halpren’s original book, which is not a bad thing. So if you enjoyed his first you will most likely be thrilled with this as well.
Some of his many mishaps with women include walking in on his parents having sex, finding a mega cache of porn in a cave behind his little league field, and his adventures working at various restaurants while trying to get laid by the many waitresses he works with.

I loved every part of book except that it was way too short at about only 200 pages. I read it in a day. This is a great book for anyone who loves memoirs,funny stories about growing up, or the previously stated Shit My Dad Says.

shit my dad says

My favorite of his stories would have to be one where he is a child and likes a girl in his class. So he draws a picture of a girl getting pooped on by a floating dog.
The clear MVP is still halpren’s dad he makes this book.

halpren and dad
Get this book it is probably a 3.5/5 just too short for a higher rating but it packs a Big Bang for your buck.


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