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All You Need is Kill

All You Need is Kill is a military themed science fiction novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. This book was awesome! All You Need is Kill is filled with tons of action, fast paced battles, and memorable characters. It was an extremely short book, just around two hundred pages. It only took me a day or so to read. It reminds me of Groundhog’s Day with Bill Murray.

Groundhogs Day

Keiji Kiriya is a private in the United Defense Force and a jacket jockey. He pilots a jacket which is a sort of exoskeleton which enhances the wearer’s physical traits, like strength and speed. There is a war that has been going on for the past twenty years against an alien species, known as the Mimics. Mimics are an amphibious creature described, by Keiji, as a bloated frog. The novel starts out with Keiji in the midst…

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