I just blew through Waiting for Godot in a day,It was very short but awesome, funny, and philosophical all tied up in one play.

The humor is the book was a huge plus for me. The two main characters Vladimir and Estragon have amazing chemistry as well as a very witty banter. The basis of the play revolves around the two characters , as the title says waiting for a man named Godot. While waiting by a dead tree on a roadside they meet a rouges gallery of a supporting cast and one dog named lucky who make this story all the worthwhile of a read.

This is more than a funny story of two friends aimlessly waiting though.The tale has themes of religion and can be seen as a take on existentialism. The wait for Godot can be seen as take on Christianity by always waiting for God ever so faithfully without question. The name even has god in it. 

The play was so entertaining I would have to recommend it to anyone who loved any genre of books,plays,or stories. overall a 4/5  


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  1. SarahClare says:

    I’ve not read/seen this one yet. I had to do a mammoth essay on Happy Days (which really killed it for me unfortunately) and I’m never really sure how I feel about Beckett.

    He’s an odd-bod for sure!

    • prontron says:

      hahah yeah this is a good one my copy was only around 70 pages in a play format. Happy days haha. Thank god for summer no homework or school work! I am taking full advantage readings much as I can.

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