One of my new favorite authors definitely has to be Joe Hill. Hill is the son of Stephen King, the master of horror, so it is only fitting that his son is a writer of the same genre as his father.










20th century Ghosts is a collection of short stories. Some are horror, some are touching tales of growing up and trust, and some are the deep dark stories that get into your mind and have you checking your closest for thing not there. the book was for the most point pretty enjoyable. 20th Century Ghosts reminds me of King’s older short stories, all written exceptionally well and some are just creepy. On the other had two or three of the stories just did not interest me at all and were hard to get through. Over all would have to give it a 3/5 good but not amazing. Definitely something a King or Hill fan should read but others may not love it.

My favorite stories were

  • Best new Horror- The first and by far my most chilling of the tales. A story of a editor who is tired of stale stories he is publishing in a annual collection of “best new horror”. He finds a new story called Button Boy, which is a thrilling and terrifying tale of the torment of a young girl at the hands of a giant who haunts her from youth to adulthood.He must find the author and what he finds is himself in a very familiar situation
  • 20th Century Ghost, the title tale was great. Probably the best overall story of the whole book. This story reminded me of King so much. a story of a theater operator, his patrons, and the ghost of a young girl who lives in the theater. A touching story and one any fan of fiction should read
  • Pop Art- A story about young boy who has hard times making friends and fitting in until a new boy moves to town. This new boy who just happens to be inflatable becomes best friends with the boy.They have adventures and learn from each other what it means to be young and boys in general. A story of growing up.The short story will have you wanting more and more.


The rest of the stories although good are just average or did not necessarily catch my interest as much as the rest.I will be looking foward to more from Joe Hill, he has a few more books and short stories I have not read yet such as.






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  1. jrt004 says:

    Joe just read this book too! he loved it. I am going to show him your other suggestions 🙂

    • prontron says:

      I just finished it this morning I really liked it with the exception of a few of the stories.Now the impossible task of picking a new book to read haha.

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