So Bryan Singers xmen attempt was awesome! It was extremely enjoyable. The mags up of Rattners old trilogy and first class’s casts blended seamlessly together. With the standouts being the past casts of the 70’s like Fassbendor, Mccavoy , and of course Hugh Jackman.

Definitely go see the film. It fixes almost all the problems I had with the last film. The best parts of the film was the scenes in the past. With the future scenes lacking substance and character development. Overall a big 4/5 go see it if you get a champ.



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  1. SarahClare says:

    Can’t wait to see it!!!

    • prontron says:

      It was awesome. How have you been ? Have not heard from you in awhile .all well, read any good books lately?

      • SarahClare says:

        Im good! Just in the final weeks of my degree so it’s been very busy.

        Yeah, actually, read a couple of good SF type books. I love me some Science Fiction.

        How’s you? 🙂

      • prontron says:

        Doing well . Summer for me so break from classes. I have read like 4 books already. Knocking out some of my book shelf and buying new stuff like crazy. I had been going to school full time on my two days off, so 40 hours of work and 15 school was excruciating.

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