Steven King has a odd effect on me .When i start reading a novel of his for the most part I have a hard time putting it down. My most recent King book is not a King book at all but a Richard Bachman novel. KIngs Pseudo-name  he wrote under. The book in Question is The Long Walk. 


The long Walk Happens once a year on the first day in May. The walk has 100 boys who must walk at a pace of 4 mph or be warned and on the third warning one receives his last warning if slowed again he will buy his ticket.

This was one of the most surreal novels of king’s I have read. It was just brutal to read. I felt for the boys as they walked into oblivion. I really liked the main group of boys something that King is a master at is character development and making you like them on the way.

These young boys are vying for a big prize at the end of the race. Along the journey boy after boy buys his ticket and is murdered in front of the other runners.The further I progressed in the book and the more boys that were killed you start to get depressed just as these boys are. The walk seems to be pointless and just a way to kill 100 young boys and watch. 

This is one of the best King novels I have ever read. It is a nice change of pace from most for King’s supernatural or horror themed books. This is a novel of desperation and a very real reality that all face the journey of life and death. 

I definitively recommend this book to anyone interested in King or even young adult as this really is one of the first attempts at the dystopian young adult genre that is so popular today.



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