So my most anticipated game this year is watch dogs. Watch dogs looks great. It has a very stealthy feel while it seems you can play multiple ways.I am hoping it lives up to all my expectations. I am really hoping for a great story line and decent game play at least.least. Here is hoping ubisoft doesn’t mess this game up.


Magic the gathering. What can I say about this game. It is awesome. I am pumped that i have gotten back into it as heavily as i have. I have been going to tourneys here of lately winning six out of seven i have been to. I have been mostly playing a gruul deck with a focus on Xenagos.



I am currently playing few game son my xbox 360. First is South Park and The Stick of Truth.

south park


Defiance is another game i just bought. It was only eight dollars on amazon. So far it seems cool I just downloaded all the patches.


If anyone plays xbox add my gamertag. prontron

I have been reading Tough shit by Kevin Smith lately and it is hilarious.





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