So last night was my fourth magic the gathering event I have attended since starting the game back up again. I only had to play two players , since the turnout was so dismal. I played my gruul midrange .

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First game went like this I went 2-0
I played a deck similar to mine. The guy ran xenagos , as did I . I happen to just outpace him in the first game, in the second he got me to ten life before I finally drew an answer to his polis cruiser with protection from enchantments. I had two courser of kruphix out so I was screwed. I played arbor colossus and flesh/blood to kill his crusher and it was over.

Game two was against my friend mike. He was running rakdos with a splash of white. His deck was fast . I had lost the first game in a throw down fight which I left him with little life and he burned me into submission.
Second game went differently I played a smash mouth combo with garruk caller of beast and kept pumping my hand with creatures. I used his minus two to play the party god himself, xenagos and it was game over.

Game three went fairly fast I just outpaced the burn deck and got a great board presence.

All in all it was pretty fun I am 3-1 in tourneys right now at my small local gaming shop, and 2-0 in standard 1-0 in modern.
If Anyone plays, what decks do you like to use ?


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  1. spartannerd says:

    I have been playing mono-black devotion for the longest time. But my deck is losing alot lately. I need to tweak it some. I am drawn to “underworld connections” and “read the bones”. There is just NO ANSWER to the gray merchant in standard right now, unless he gets canceled. Very little can be done

    With journey to nix i might go to playing white-black drain. I did this for awhile in ravnica

  2. spartannerd says:

    Oh yeah….

    I love it when my gruul opponenents play courser of kruphix. Then i get to see what they are going to be playing!

  3. spartannerd says:

    Later i will be posting a review of jace vs vraska duel deck. Check it out!

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