An interesting card here. Could be amazing in the right deck but how many cards will have less than 2 cmc in your deck. This is a definite card to keep an eye out for, maybe a good card for a more spell based zooish deck lol.



Definitively one of my favorite cards this will help mono white a ton, like they needed more help out,but being able to take out any god and all copies is great or “d-Sphere”  or any enchantment your opponent is running multiple copies of.



Hello mono black post R.T.R rotation. This card will help some I think with the loss of some major creatures in black, like life-bane zombie. If Duress is reprinted in m15 I can see black discard as a thing with this, and a thoughtseize in your first two turns could be devastating




yet another black enchantment that will help post rotation this could see some play with the loss of a few very good kill spells.




Basically a Journey into Nowhere reprint with enchantments being so huge this will probably see some play.



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