Ok This Ajani is super cool. Both his plus 1’s are awesome. Beef and digging through your deck I will be using him. No wonder he is sitting at around 25 bucks.



So the new black white god may be the best card out of the set if not the block. He is crazy insane hello mono black suck on this card.



Boros has their god and his name is Iroas. He is a aggro beast and i can see him in many decks. He makes your creatures invincible against other creatures. and two of the opponents creatures have to block one of yours.



Why else would we expect anything else from Elspeths sword? It is so good haha. I like this card in many decks if I pull one I will be playing it in any of my white based decks.



Finally the heroic catalyst we needed. I love this card makes all creatures mini Brimaz.

What are your favorite cards so far ?


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