These are a fee of the cards spoiled today-

A few awesome cards-what do you think ?






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  1. spartannerd says:

    Mana Conflux= City of Brass. Will be great for modern players or people who want to try building five color decks.

    Hypnotic Siren= 1/1 flyer. I don’t see bestowing it. Not for 7.

    Launch the Fleet= Now this is CRAZY! Token decks will be seeing a return! Put that Brimaz to use. Also, all that Selesnya goodness will be back.

    Ritual of the Returned= Finally some graveyard love. Mill your heart out. Load up that graveyard with Griselbrands and the like. Then you get them back, essentially as Zombie Tokens. Big zombie tokens.

  2. prontron says:

    yes! mana conflux looks great

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