How does everyone feel about the newest planeswalker we received out of the Theros block?  Personally I love him.He has two plus one abilities, both great. The first beefs creatures and the second of the plus ones digs for just about anything, not to mention his ultimate is insane but I do not see him using it much.

I foresee a huge surge in Selesnya auras, or w/g and anything splashed in like blue or red.I intend of building a Naya aura deck or just white green.




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  1. spartannerd says:

    I saw this yesterday. I think he’s great. But I see him costing over $40 when he gets officially released, like Brimaz.

    Of course. There is a lot of planes walker hate in the format, so maybe I’m wrong. None of the recent planes walkers have really taken off except for the M14 Chandra. I see Jace played some. But never Vraska. Or Ashiok. Or Gideon. Maybe it’s just our local scene.

    I personally like Lilliana. I don’t have a copy of Lilliana of the Veil, but Lilliana Vess is my favorite card, right beside Grave Titan.

    Keep up the good work, YO.

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