I have been off the site and off reading for far too long. So, this is what I was working on in the time I was off, and I had a blast reading the book that was the inspiration for the article title. It is one of, if not the best, fantasy book I have read in the last few years.The Stormlight Chronicles is a proposed ten book fantasy series by genre favorite, Brandon Sanderson. Sanderson is no stranger to series or fantasy, having written multiple series of books and even finishing what can be called one of the greatest series of all time, The Wheel of Time. He was hand picked by the late Jordan’s wife to finish the series. He has also written a top five in fantasy for me, which is The Mistborn Series.


In Sanderson’s fantasy epic, wars are fought everyday for fantastical items of unknown and magical sources, called shardplate and shardblades. These artifacts were left behind by the Radiants, an almost god-like group of warriors who could call upon stormlight to wield these massive six foot swords and carry this awe inspiring plate armor that shines with stormlight.

One day in the distant past, the Radiants just up and disappear leaving man with all the beasts and the darkness in the world. Now, men occupy the kingdoms and wield the powerful relics.


The main plot of the first book, The Way of Kings, focuses on a few viewpoints of certain characters; Kaladin, a disgraced soldier with a hidden past who has a potential to be more powerful than even he knows, Shallen, a girl trying to steal a great heiress’s weapon to save her family’s name, Sezth, a Shardbearer and assassin of kings, and Dalinar, a highprince of Alethkar, and uncle to the current king.


The book was simply amazing. It kept me wanting more at every page turn. I absolutely love the combat in this book. It is Sanderson’s personal touch, and I believe he demonstrates his best skills as a writer. He is by far the best combat writer in fantasy. This book reminds me of Mistborn: The Final Empire. The stormlight consumption is so cool, and the Shardblades and bearers remind me of lightsabers and jedis from Star Wars.

I recommend this to any fan of Sanderson’s and fantasy. I will be starting the next book, Words of Radiants, soon and cannot wait for the journey back through Alethkar.



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