Hi there, and thanks again for reading. Life has been busy this week, and school has been busy. I have an essay for Comp II, I have a speech for Oral Communication, and I had a huge test in history. I start the new job I had mentioned in an earlier post this Saturday. I am so pumped. Well straight to the point, the whole point of this post is to tell you what I have been up to. I recently bought a Xbox 36; I have been playing it a lot, to say the least. The game I am interested in is Dark Souls. Dark souls is so brutally fun to play. It is challenging, frustrating, and rewarding at the same time. I am only around 15 hours in, and I just beat the Kapra demon. Those of you who have played it know what a tool that guy is. I also got Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale. I have only played a very small portion of it so far, but it seems great. Any fan of old D&D should enjoy this hack and slash. You even receive ¬†feats and skill points related to your class like real D&D. Halo 4 came with the Xbox as well. I just started playing it last night. It’s real fun. If anyone is on Xbox add me at prontron.

Prepare to die.

Prepare to die.D&D

Im Back

Im Back


I am still reading Storm-light Archives: The way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson. I am almost finished. I plan to have it read by Tuesday.

the way of kings

The next novel on my to read list is Prince of Thorns.

prince of thorns


I have dove into a new, yet very old hobby of mine. I recently met some people in my small town who play Magic the Gathering. I have bought a few cards , mostly a precon, a few singles, and some boosters. I am excited to have something to do, since there is no social outlet for me in this town.




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