So this is the second month I have subscribed to both Loot Crate and Nerd Block. I like both subscriptions but one is the clear winner.  First is the Nerd Block For February. It was decent, not the best block yet. It was very lacking.

  • nerd block box
  • metroid prime claptrapThe shirt was the best part, as it a normally is it was a Metroid Prime inspired Claptrap from Borderlands.
  • These were the other contents

Halo Heroclix,an E.T figure,Smurfs , Power Ranger figure , and Star Trek legos, also a sticker sheet with various pop culture icons from the 80’s as apes

.nerd block junk


So all in all decent but, definitely not the best Nerd Block.

As for the Loot Crate this month,it was better but not enough to save it. The shirt was badass though.

loot crate


Here are the contents of this months Crate.

A sweet t-shirt with the ABC’s of pop culture and mostly gaming i really like it.

loot shirt


Here is a pic of everything else

This was a warrior themed crate this month.I got a Gas Powered Stick drawn string bag,a Bravest Warriors, a comic created by Pendleton Ward the creator of Adventure Time, digital comic, a Stick and bow tie from the comic. I got. some rabbit funko figure and a bacon greetings card

crate loot


All in all even though i will not keep both probably I think NerdBlock will get my money. it has been consistent.

As always thanks for checking out the site. share and comment.


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  1. TK says:

    I got my first ever lootcrate last week. I didn’t realize there was another service. I’ll have to look into that one now!

  2. BiblioJesso says:

    I’ve heard good things and seen good unboxings of Nerd Block, from what I’ve seen I can agree with you. I think I may have to get one myself!

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