I just want to say thanks to everyone who  is still keeping up with this blog, through all the craziness that is life.

Sorry,I have not been on as much lately. That may change soon as i have a opening at my store I am hoping to get. It will allow me to work day instead of nights, which will give me nights off. This with school being during the day should give me some extra time with friends, family, and you guys!



In other news school is going god, I have made an A on my only two tests in both my classes so far, I have a big history test next week and my first essay for comp II tomorrow.



On the written front, I have been reading Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives-The way of Kings.


It is awesome, If you have not read it yet you are not to late, this being number one in the purposed ten book series, with book two words of radiance, coming out next month.




lately games have been getting a bigger spot in my life. I use to play all the time. I just do not have the time now days. I have been making time though for a favorite series of my Final Fantasy. Particularly, Final Fantasy 13-2, I am really enjoying it again. I am hoping to beat it later this year and get Lightning Returns the threequal.




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  1. SarahClare says:

    I will always be a fan of Vaan and Balthier (sp?). I never got into 13. Too many ‘rage quits’. Heh.

    I’m late to jump on the band wagon but Dead Rising 3 is rocking my world right now.


    • prontron says:

      I loved 12 it was a great game. Very “m.m.o ish” I enjoined it. You have a xbox one? So jealous. I would love a next gen system, school is keeping so busy it is hard to find gaming time.

      • SarahClare says:

        *cough* and a PS4…

        I’ll be broke until September 2050. Lol. But it’s so worth it.

        Gaming ftw!

        ..although it’s a terrible distraction considering I have a degree to finish.. :s

      • prontron says:

        I am in the same boat, books keep me plenty distracted. I also work a full time job on top of school full time so I have very little time to myself, I need a time machine hahaha

      • SarahClare says:

        Aye. Me too. I just don’t sleep much. Work. Uni. Books. Games… maybe sleep!! Ha!

        Sleep is so overrated :p

      • prontron says:

        What is uni ? I try to live by this creed, ” we will never sleep,cause sleep is for the weak and we will never rest until we are fucking dead” a good song lyric that describes how I would like to be more like.

      • SarahClare says:

        Universitay. (The ‘ay’ on the end is to make me sound line a hipster instead of a dork *thumbs*)

        Mmm hmm. I often think that we need to evolve to need less sleep. So many hours of life wasted while asleep!!!

      • prontron says:

        Lol, yes agreed I enjoy sleep as much as the next guy but, it is a time suck. I try to wake up early and go to bed late haha. But I get about 4-5 a night and it is too much ahah I need robot parts.

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