irratinal games

This is a sad today. One of my favorite and most influential game studios is closing today.This was announced by owner and founder Ken Levine.

Some of the best games of last generation were put out by Irrational Games.

The best being the  dystopian world of  Bioshock.


Rapture. This game was one of the first times the story in a game blew me away. The setting, the world of Rapture was a character itself.



The enemies were so unique and had a very real feel to each of them. They gave a very errie mood to the game and made me uneasy at points.

bioschok enemiesbioschok pi

I loved every second of the game actually beating it twice, which is rare for me. The ending is one of my favorites in all of games. 

So I ask you, in the immortal words of Andrew Ryan” Would you Kindly” check out the game and enjoy what so many have.

would you kindly


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  1. SarahClare says:

    Oh no!! I loved Bioshock! It was so ‘my bag’, you know? ‘Creepy cool’ I loved it from beginning to end. Sad news though..

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