All You Need is Kill

All You Need is Kill is a military themed science fiction novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. This book was awesome! All You Need is Kill is filled with tons of action, fast paced battles, and memorable characters. It was an extremely short book, just around two hundred pages. It only took me a day or so to read. It reminds me of Groundhog’s Day with Bill Murray.

Groundhogs Day

Keiji Kiriya is a private in the United Defense Force and a jacket jockey. He pilots a jacket which is a sort of exoskeleton which enhances the wearer’s physical traits, like strength and speed. There is a war that has been going on for the past twenty years against an alien species, known as the Mimics. Mimics are an amphibious creature described, by Keiji, as a bloated frog. The novel starts out with Keiji in the midst of his first battle. He is fresh out of basic, green as could be. He does not know much besides how to fire his rifle.He is struck down in combat. He sees, as he is dying, the heralded american soldier known as the Full Metal Bitch. This is Rita Vrataski. She is the most prolific warrior on earth and soldier in the UDF. She wears a bright red jacket and carries a steel battle ax to kill micics. She finds him wounded on the field of battle she says she will stay with him till he dies, turns out she wants his jacket’s battery. He ends up dying.

“The paper back I’d been reading was beside my pillow.” This is how it begins each time Keiji awakes. He is stuck in a perpetual time loop, never ending. He relives the same day over and over again. He wakes up not knowing this, thinking it was all a dream. He has dejavu; he keeps thinking this feels all so familiar. Keiji dies again and again, yet he keeps his memories of battles,  and he uses these to improve his fighting skills. He becomes a hardened veteran, becoming a badass warrior.  As the book goes on he lives the same day over again and gets closer to Rita and his fellow officers as he goes on with the loop.

I do not want to ruin anything or give away the ending, but it has a major twist that throws a proverbial monkey wrench into the plot.

I loved the book. Like I said it was short and a very fun read. I love science fiction and military fiction, so it was a great read. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. It is worth the time to any fan of sci-fi or time travel. As an added plus, there is even a movie adaptation coming out in June here in the U.S called , Edge of Tomorrow. Tom Cruise will play Lt. Cage and Rita will be played by Emily Blunt. This is an American take on the book. I am guessing they took all the Japanese influence out, which upsets me. I feel it will lose a lot of the humor.

 emily blunt edge

Pick it up soon before the movie comes out.


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