I just finished reading Night Film by Marisha Pessl. The book was fantastic on all levels.The book is a haunting look at obsession into the unknown, something we all are engrossed with from time to time. The book starts out as your normal murder mystery book but as I kept reading everything I thought I knew about Night Film changed. The book also features some cool multimedia features such as pictures and website pics to really get you into the whole book. Night Film felt like more of a total media experience and not just a book.


Night Film is all about Scott Mcgrath, an investigative reporter who delves a bit too deep at times into his work. Mcgraths main target of interest is an aging film director of cult horror films, by the name of Cordova. Cordova films are widely regarded as being some of the most cerebral and terrifying movies that have existed. They have a different effect on everyone who watches them. For some  they cause terrible nightmares, others they cause them to reenact the horrors they see on the screen. Mcgrath gets a call from a john doe who says, he does something to the children and will say nothing else. Mcgrath digs too deep and ends up sued by Cordova and left broke and with no accreditation to his journalism.

The main part of the book picks up with Cordovas daughter and famed pianist Ashley committing suicide, in an abandoned elevator shaft. This starts Scotts obsession all  over again. He starts finding small clues about scandals and witchcraft involving Ashley’s death. He meets up with two young adults in Hopper and Nora both with interesting ties to Ashley unknown at this point.He ends up investigating all leads and ends up in a mystery himself, stuck in Cordovas web of lies and the occult. What is real? What is fantasy? No one knows all information at this point is speculative.The book ends up like most mysteries falling a bit on the normal side.With an ending that will shock readers and keep you guessing, this book is a great read.

Night Film is successful in weaving terror and suspense with a mystery,  who done it type , novel. Marisha Pessl is an amazing writer. She made me believe that the fake movies and director were real. The amount of details on each film and the mythology around Cordova and his cult following were uncanny. She provides a synopsis for each film by Cordova filled with actors and the slight nuances the director fits into each movie.I have to say I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me of a movie and as a huge movie buff I could not put it down. This is a sure read for any fan of the Horror,Mystery, or Fiction genres. I give it a four out of five.


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